Why Buy Your Home In Miami

No state income tax

No lie! – the fantastic state of Florida does not impose a state income tax.  The state and local taxes combined sit right at the national average which is a bonus for first time buyers or anyone looking to buy/sell. It also helps keep the cost of living much more affordable than some places throughout the country that offer similar terrain and lifestyles which makes it an even bigger no brainer when choosing where you want to buy!

It’s A Good Place To Move To Be Health Conscious

In Miami, fitness and healthy living is a way of life.  With so many activities to take part in all year round, you can’t go wrong if you are or want to be living a more active and fit lifestyle. From gathering the family to play sports in the park, to outdoor athletic clubs, to jogging through the city parks with your pups, the Miami lifestyle encourages you to stay fit and healthy and offers many different places to do it both indoors and outdoors. You won’t be disappointed with your choice if this is where you put down roots with your overall health and fitness in mind as a major deciding factor.

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